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Comments on CD 'Thank You'

Hey, that Bart Quartier CD is very very nice!
Paul Blair - Hothouse - NY

Vibraphone player Bart Quartier is a statement on his instrument, but makes one's debut just now in an own excellent jazz ensemble. Vibraphone player Mike Mainieri, Quartier's great example digs his album.
Bart Conrand - Focus Knack n° 5

Bart plays his instrument with a fine sensitiveness and a good articulated phrasing. Bart's compositions are varied and have a funky touch, light and swinging. A successful début of vibraphone player Bart Quartier.
Luc De Baets - Muziekmozaïek  

With the CD 'Thank You' we can ascertain that Bart will deliver a creditable contribution to the jazz. A remarkable début.
Jazz uit de platenkast

The Belgian vibraphone player Bart Quartier makes one's debut exclusively with own compositions on the CD 'Thank You'. He can look back on a successful début.
Jaap Lüdeke - Jazzflits n° 19

Quartier has assembled a nice quintet, which suits perfectly to the open character of the songs. Bart has a remarkable ear for sound colors and the compositions are very well and tasteful presented. A beautiful début.
Mischa Andriessen   -  

The young Belgian vibraphone player Bart Quartier presents already a impressive profile. With his quintet he delivers a more than pleasing début CD based on tradition but with fresh points of view.  
Mazzmuzikas 062

Sensitive and honest, 'Thank You' assembles some of the best Belgian musicians and presents a real group sound that we like to hear many times.
Jacques Provoust -

The variation in the repertoire makes this CD very pleasant to listen in osne time but the message is clear: this quintet has not only a high standard level but also a style. Thank You » to you Mr. Quartier!
Pierre Dulieu -

Bart is clear about his two main influences: Mike Mainieri and Dave Holland. They concern his playing as well as his composing.
Phillipe Baron - Musiq3

The nice acoustic image underlines the resolute attack with great accuracy and the wide resonances of Bart's vibraphone playing. The general esthetic of this album represents a nice taste.
David Vatteville -

Bart is surrounded by excellent musicians. Recommendable stuff!

A name to bear in mind.
Marc Danval - Le Soir - July 2007

A nice discovery.
Claude Loxhay - Jazzaround   - Aug 2007

Quartier¹s phrasing is nuanced but difficult to stillistically pidgeonhole (which is great) but clearly diplays a thorough understanding of traditional jazz soloing concepts.
Terry O¹Mahoney ­ Percussive Notes - June 2007


Comments on 'Imagine a mental approach to marimba playing'

So many of the truths in music making are found behind the notes. As a performer Bart Quartier understands that and in this wonderful book he helps marimba players of all ages in their musical quest."
Robert Van Sice

The information, ideas, and presentation is great. It is fantastic, and I really like it a lot. Congratulations.
Gordon Stout

I'm very impressed that your etude is the best one which I ever heard and it is well-grounded and has very high quality.
Keiko Abe

It seems a very mature work and a unique way of teaching that makes students think on what they are about to learn and use his/her intellectual to make it work. Great book, smart idea and very well developed.
Congratulations for   such a nice project.
Ney Rosauro

This is a unique method book. The material is presented in a playful manner, combined with thoughtful, excellent advice on many important aspects of good musicianship.
Nancy Zeltsman

It is a truly outstanding work that obviously took much time and hard work. In my opinion, the book is a real treasure !
Garwood Whaley


Comments on CD ‘PROFILES 24 essays for vibraphone and piano’

The impermeable interplay of Bart Quartier and Bart van Caenegem tilt this CD to high altitude. In fact, each essay is an analysis of the foundation that underlies. And then to do such 24 investigations of which all at the same high level of performance, Yes, that's a sidewalk.
Rudi van der Heijden  - Jazz Magazine

Bart Quartier and Bart Van Caenegem - ‘musicians’ musicians’- are high musical instrumentalists. But who listens, hears that the pieces are slim indeed – the performance and the improvisations give the compositions profundity.
Herman te Loo  - JazzFlits n° 172

Pure and fragile. How little things yet very beautiful!
Winus - Jassepoesrecensie

Two of our best Belgian musicians...
Chris Joris - Jazzmozaiek 2012 n° 1

This  hybrid collection is a challenge, but the talent and the will of these two musicians have overcome all difficulties. They présent us a lightning music, full of surprises. Superb !
Pierre Dulieu - Dragonjazz

Profiles is a beautiful composition. Both musicians are on the same frequency, which results in dialogues and comments. They know what they want. This duo sounds like one musician: they do feel each other very well.
Jan-Jacob Delannoy - Kwadratuur

This collection, filled with diversity and whimsy, stands as a record of the collaboration between two performers who have struck musical gold.
Joshua D. Smith – Percussive Notes - May 2012

The 24 pieces have their personal identity; the whole is a beautiful consistency through a thorough work on the nuances.
Jacques Provoust – Jazzques  Nov 2012

Moins égal plus !
Guillaume Cazal – review Percussions Oct 2001


Comments on CD 'Life Path'

Ik vind het echt prachtig!!!! Geinspireerd en inspirerend voor mij. Wereldklasse!
Bravo, proficiat, congrats en félicitations voor dit oeuvre!!

Diederik Wissels

Mooie en rustgevende muziek en een mooie uitgave.
Rik Bevernage

C'est super, merci beaucoup !!!!
Jean Geoffroy

Cela m'a fait énormément plaisir de voyager dans cette 'simplicité complexe' que tu propose à travers de ces pièces amusantes et profondes.. Beaucoup de felicitations.
Madjid Khaladj

Congrats on all the great things you are doing ! I am impressed but not surprised that your career has gone so very well. Serious musicians working hard and honestly, there is nothing better. 
Bob Van Sice

Quel son! Quelle musicalité! Un grand bravo et merci pour le travail exemplaire que tu as accompli.
Antoine Siguré

The recording is superb! Your playing is so musical and sensitive and the quality of the recording is fantastic. Congratulations on your musicianship and virtuosic playing.
Garwood Whaley

Heel erg sfeervol en mooi. Ik weet zeker dat ik hier heel vaak van zal genieten.
Stefan Hertmans

Keith Jarrett meets Erik Satie.
Jason Baker – Percussive Notes, USA Sept 2019

Life Path is een muzikaal studiewerk dat wordt samengebracht in een mooie flow.
Geert Ryssen – Muziekmozaïek


Comments on Focus - 24 Images for Vibraphone

This book is written in the same manner as Bart Quartier's well-known Image - 20 Children's Songs for Marimba, presenting short solos for less-advanced students-this time for the vibraphone. The movements contain one-word programmatic titles, use traditional, contemporary, and jazz harmonies, and last from 30 seconds to several minutes. In addition to traditional elements of vibraphone playing, several pieces use extended techniques, such as various striking implements, bowing, and preparing the instrument with a piece of rubber between the bars. 
While these pieces are intended for less-advanced students, it is important to note that they are not for absolute beginners. A reasonable understanding of basic four-mallet technique and confidence in reading are required. That being said, a teacher can easily peruse the book and select material that is appropriate in difficulty and length for a specific student, with all 24 works being playable at the undergraduate level. Several could even be selected to form a suite for recital performance. More advanced performers, or even professionals, could certainly consider performing these works, as Quartier has accomplished the admirable task of creating serious, aesthetically pleasing music that just happens to be technically appropriate for students. 
All the pieces are included on Quartier's out standing double CD Life Path, which is reviewed in this issue (also containing all the works from his Image collection, as well). In crafting short, technically accessible works that are highly listenable, compositionally sound, and full of character, Bart Quartier may have created our genre's Mikrokosmos!
Jason Baker  - Percussive Notes 2019


Comments on Profils, 24 essais pour Vibraphone et Piano

Profils provides the aspiring vibist with a collection of short, challenging etudes to study and/or perform.
Lisa Rogers - Percussive Notes Oct 2001


Comments on IMAGE, 20 Children’s songs for Marimba

A wonderful collection of beginning marimba pieces is Bart Quartier’s Image
Robert Van Sice  - Pearl Percussion Resource Library

A fine collection of charming four-mallet pieces
Kristen Shiner McGuire – The Instrumentalist Feb 97

1. Technique 1. Bart Quartier: Image
William Moersch - repertoire list

Image is a great book for starting of the four mallets

Recomendado para nivel iniciante e intermediário
Universidade de São Paolo

Finding the perfect University Percussion Method Book
A survey from percussion pedagogues: Keyboard Percussion Marimba
Image 20 Children’s songs for Marimba

Jennifer Hotz – Percussive Notes March 2015


Comments on  ‘Encore 5 bis for mallets’

These five pieces will defenitely be enjoyed by all who come in contact with them.
Gordon Stout

Bart Quartier has successfully written a collection of performer- and audience-friendly pieces that encompass a range of styles.
Lisa Rogers - Percussive Notes, October 2002